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Bash is the most common programming language in a Unix-like environment these days. More importantly, bash is very likely the most foundational skillset you can learn for bioinformatics (and much more). Below is a table of some quick terminology for some help in what is meant by terms like โ€œbashโ€ and โ€œUnixโ€. An introduction to bash can be found here. And if you would like some help getting a bash environment up and running on your computer, check out this page ๐Ÿ™‚

Some terminology

Here are some terms that are often used interchangeably โ€“ not because itโ€™s important to remember them or any differences (itโ€™s not for most of us), but just to have them laid out somewhere.

Term What it is
shell what we use to talk to the computer; anything where you are pointing and clicking with a mouse is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) shell; something with text only is a Command Line Interface (CLI) shell
command line a text-based environment capable of taking input and providing output
Unix a family of operating systems
bash the most common programming language used at a Unix command-line

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