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Hi there 🙂 My name’s Mike. I’m a bioinformatician who gets to explore microbial ecology and evolution in all kinds of different environments.

I am 100% the biology-to-bioinformatics type of person. Like so many of us these days, I found myself in a biology lab with lots of bioinformatics work to be done, but little to no guidance or expertise in bioinformatics available. This isn’t anyone’s fault of course, it’s just that our society as a whole is generating data much faster than it is developing the skills to work with it. And it takes time for our educational infrastructure to catch up to what is needed. In the meantime, many of us are stuck fighting our way up a pretty steep learning curve trying to develop skills that are rapidly becoming essential for biologists. At some undefined point in gradschool, I made it through the toughest parts of that learning curve, things started getting easier for a change, and I started realizing how glorious and empowering it was on the other side 🙂

The purpose of this site is to try to provide the sort of help that would have helped me when I was starting out. Along with the tutorials linked in the dropdown menus above, that also includes some things I wish someone had explicitly told me. So I’ll throw them out here 🙂

Five things I wish I knew when I started getting into bioinformatics

1) Fundamentals and concepts are important, not details

High-resolution timelapse of my ongoing journey:

2) Don’t let yourself become paralyzed by options

3) Try to find a bioinformatics community to be a part of

We are not alone!

4) Good documentation is for science, you, and the community

5) Be aware that you will often need to let some things go 😕